First off, what does a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney do?

A Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney provides the people of Brooklyn with legal guidance on issues that affects them as they age. When you as an aging person contact a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney, he or she will put focus on your legal issues and offer insight to meet your needs. They help the people of Brooklyn to navigate through the tempests of life that may arise due to age. Providing legal counsel on selecting a good retirement plan, choosing a good nursing home for long-term care, protecting landed properties and hard-earned assets to ensure these assets are not depleted while seeking long-term care; these amongst other worrying issues are what the Elder Law Attorney specializes in.

In What Specific Areas Can the Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney offer legal assistance?

Medicare –

The government provides every senior citizen with the privilege of having medical care in any health facility. Sometimes, this Medicare may become confusing as it entails several distinct parts.

  • Medicare Part A covers your stay at any hospital or health facility.
  • Medicare Part B which is your medical insurance, covers your medical supplies, specific services from the doctor as well as your outpatient care.
  • Part C, known as the Medicare Advantage Plan, is another insurance plan which you can buy from any company affiliated or in business with Medicare. This plan covers all benefits which you’ll receive from Part A and B.
  • While Medicare Part D covers your drug prescription plan.

Often times, problems may arise with any of these services which will prompt you to take legal action. Here, you as a citizen of Brooklyn, are advised to seek the professional services of a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney, ensuring you reap all the benefits you’re entitled to. Contact a Brooklyn Elder law attorney today.

Medicaid –

This is another privilege or program instituted by the government from which elderly people, low-income earning adults, pregnant women and children as well as citizens with disabilities can benefit from. Medicaid is quite different from Medicare in that Medicaid is based on one’s income.

You must prepare and submit a Medicaid application in your state and this application has to first be granted in order for you to be entitled to the benefits. For this, you need to contact a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney, as the application may not be such an easy process.

Medicaid takes care of your medical expenses while ensuring you have enough of your own income to cater for your family. A Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney will help you plan and apply for these Medicaid benefits.

Estate Planning –

Having just a small house, small-scale business, some assets and a modest bank account to your name, doesn’t make estate planning any much easier. It is quite a complicated but expedient matter, putting all your affairs in order as you grow old. This is because sooner or later – although depressing to think about – we will all someday kick the bucket and our assets will be placed in the hands of some other party.

Estate planning gives you the opportunity to determine what happens to your estates and assets at the event of death or when you become incapacitated. It is more than just creating a will, and this is another crucial moment when you should consider seeking the legal guidance of an Elder Law Attorney in Brooklyn. Most Brooklyn Elder Law Attorneys specialize in estate planning and will be ready to offer you professional advice and guidance on this matter.

Employment Discrimination –

Due to the Age Discrimination Act, it is an offence for an employer to treat you unfairly because of your age. You should seek the help of the Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney if you’re experiencing discrimination in this respect.

Elder Abuse or Fraud –

Albeit inhuman, it is common experience to see old people being maltreated by those responsible for caring for them. Also, nursing homes personnel may defraud the elderly people of the money they’re entitled to. If you’re going through this, do not hesitate to contact a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney.

To find solutions to all these challenges, why not contact a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney today!